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The leading Voice Knowledge solution

The leading Voice Knowledge solution

A new way to process voice

Gridspace makes it easy to pull out knowledge from verbal business communication. Past knowledge management software put the burden on us to remember and document everything. Gridspace is different. It makes knowledge management automatic. From CRMs, to task managers, to analytic tools, Gridspace is changing the way business knowledge enters application workflows.

From conversation to action

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Machine notetaker

Capture any discussion with Gridspace and bring machine notes into your workflow. Gridspace works audio from with phones and conference systems.

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Discussion Explorer

Find key points, insights, details and questions in a spoken conversation. Gridspace software uncovers the most important spoken moments.

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Knowledge router

Manage files, notes, transcripts, presentations from one place. Export discussion materials and synchronize everything without email.

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Drive growth with clarity

Get more out of conversations the first time by bringing machine note
capabilities into your organization. Leading companies use
Gridspace to improve efficiency and build knowledge assets.

Recent Quotes

Gridspace...could consign notetaking at meetings to the dustbin of history

Colin Smith

Awesome product this will change meetings

Alex Loggengaarden

The stuff I thought was 10 years out keeps popping up today

Martin Geddes

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