Introducing Grace, a virtual agent that never sleeps

Grace is a task-specific voice bot that can handle multi-turn customer interactions in a natural and friendly way. We are making Grace for hybrid workforces, allowing voice bots and expert agents to tag-team contact center workloads.

We believe

Next-generation voice bots require a new approach to speech and language understanding, not to mention the realities of contact center operations. How can a voice bot take a payment or change address without learning from how people complete these tasks today?

Highly competent AI call center voice bots are not enough. The most effective hybrid workforces of the future will have great AI orchestration. Interwoven voice bots will work alongside existing human agent workflows, improving each other’s performance and the business outcomes.


Some of our largest customers are already training their Grace voice bots, leveraging over one billion minutes of audio per year. Here’s a preview of what Grace in your contact center could look like:

How we bring conversational AI to life

What you need to know

Grace is ready

Automate routine voice tasks in large contact centers

Validate in-the-wild performance with agents, QA leads and managers

Fine-tune models and task sets for real-world performances

Benefits of Grace

Automate Level 1 and Level 2 voice support tiers as a service

Digitally contain and successfully resolve inbound calls

Make voice interactions consistent and friendly

Try out our virtual agents

Financial services: account management, compliance forms, personalized advisory, authentications

Healthcare administration: patient routing, payer & provider forms, benefits administration, pharmacy transactions

Considered purchases: self-service sales, contextual support, delivery & operations

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