Gridspace Cloud API for Sift brings together enterprise-grade cloud telephony, conversation capture and analysis. Build and deploy conversationally-aware communication apps in minutes.
Infrastructure on call
Gridspace Cloud provides robust connectivity and conversational analysis in one easy-to-use cloud API. Extract, grade, distill and classify natural language conversations with the ease and flexibility of a managed cloud service. Scale up your processing or create mew conversationally-aware workflows without new equipment or contracts.

Design and develop fast
Gridspace Cloud API developers can test, deploy and share communication solutions quickly. And with support for hosted scripts, even non-developers can modify and test real applications. No server required. API keyholder also can access library examples, which cover common compliance use cases to advanced workflows.

Integrate experiences
How customers and employees communicate is changing. New channels and Internet-age expectations make it challenging for organizations to deliver seamless omni-channel experiences. Gridspace Cloud API helps developer and CX architects react to conversation across channels and improve interactions results.

The language of business
Gridspace Cloud API empowers organizations to create next-generation applications that connect and understand enterprise communications. Developers and their teams have access to a large collections of docs, examples and support services that make getting started a breeze.


Use Cases

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