Gridspace Cloud brings together programmable communications, streaming capture and analysis. Turn on conversational intelligence in minutes.
The Challenge
Building at the speed of sound
How customers and employees communicate is changing rapidly. New conversational channels and Internet-age expectations make it challenging for organizations to deliver seamless omni-channel experiences. Gridspace Cloud API helps developers, CX architects and their teams create smart communication applications that understand conversation, not just carry it. Everything is all there, tightly integrated into one easy-to-use cloud API.

Search and analyze calls and chats
Extract data from live conversations
Create AI-first communication apps
The Cloud Toolkit
Smart communications made easy
Gridspace Cloud let's developers build, deploy and share communication solutions quickly. And with support for hosted scripts, even non-developers can modify and launch real programs that consume and process streaming communication from a variety of endpoints. No server required. No code needed. Every user can access library examples, which cover common use cases as well as advanced workflows.

Fully managed, secure cloud deployment
Integrates with your existing software stack
Simple dashboard and guides

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