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Stop waiting for results and parse concurrent interactions across channels in real-time
Distill an interaction
Real-time conversation processing
Entity extraction
Grab dates, names, times, places and concepts from conversation with powerful and flexible extractors.
Intent labels
Assign descriptive, actionable labels to complex conversational interactions in real-time with scanner.
Sentiment analysis
Measure the real-time sentiment of a conversation or part thereof. Go beyond the words that get said.
Topic summaries
Summarize interactions and facilitate quick reviews. Draw on descriptors from outside the actual interaction.
Analyze many interactions
Real-time multi-conversation analysis
Trending topics
Identity emerging topics that are unique and actionable for your frontline teams. Be proactive about resolutions.
Global scanners
Monitor simultaneous conversations across channels and departments with flexible, programmatic queries.
Call grading
Turn conversation into actionable metrics. Score service performance, lead quality, customer effort and more.
Similarity scoring
Manage and organize real-time speech streams like your other big data assets. Build a smarter, adaptive network.
Go deep in conversation
Advanced recognizers for your language
Conversational ASR
Faster-than-real-time conversational speech recognizers with zero dependencies on third-party APIs.
In-domain Understanding
Get better-than-human accuracy with Gridspace vertical-specific models. Benefit from our expertise.
Continuous learning
Boost performance with adaptive language models that learn from all your conversations across your organization.
Robust by design
Handle noise and accents from your endpoints with Gridspace. Maximize useable results with cutting-edge AI.
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Connect and analyze audio data from a multitude of sources, with the simplicity of software-defined network interfaces.