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Process more streaming conversations from more endpoints and network interfaces
Gridspace Sift live mode
Real-time audio inputs
Mobile phones
Empower your mobile-equip workforce. Turn mobile interactions into live data, triggers and documentation.
SIP telephony
Enable analytics and bots. Understand every real-time conversation handled by your contact center and UC platform.
Live web audio
Capture, index and distill broadcasts and conferences. Act on important events and patterns hidden in live speech.
IoT devices
Create powerful new voice interfaces and device experiences. Simplify interactions and delight your customers.
Network components
Manage and organize real-time speech streams like your other big data assets. Build a smarter, adaptive network.
Communication apps
Add new superpowers to video and voice applications. Turn calls into valuable business records.
Gridspace Sift live mode
Live text and chats
Email and tickets
Distill support tickets, sales questions and status requests with the cross channel consistency.
SMS and messengers
Manage chats from SMS and third-party messenger systems. Increase resolution efficiency and customer delight.
Live web chat
Assist frontline responders or fully automate responses with Gridspace in real-time to standard questions.
Gridspace Sift batch mode
Archived media and audio files
Call recordings
Mine existing interactions for insights and compare them to new interactions.
Archived media
Index audio or video content for simple information retrieval and editing.
Web video
Classify publisher or advertising content. Find what drives engagement.
Research and discovery
Interrogate an existing collection of spoken interactions for insights.
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Connect and analyze audio data from a multitude of sources, with the simplicity of software-defined network interfaces.