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Traditionally, businesses have faced tradeoffs with conversation management: accuracy, speed, and scale. Gridspace was built differently for uncompromising businesses that demand the benefits of machine automation and human adaptability together.

For businesses that handle customer service, sales, or back-office requests, Gridspace streamlines conversational analysis using vertical machine learning models, increasing digital containment, knowledge capture and customer delight.

Below we’ve compiled an overview of how conversation analysis can accelerate the digital transformation efforts of your enterprise. Your organization's next insights and actions are within reach with Gridspace.
Digital transformation
How Gridspace works for enterprises

Opportunity detection
Uncover and seize new opportunities with real-time conversation monitors.

Flexible interfaces
Easily consume results via dashboards, APIs and CRM integrations.

Vertical ML models
Get out-of-the-box functionality with business-ready use case models.

Complete coverage
Query any and every interaction that happens in your organizations live.

Risk mitigation
Preempt costly regulatory and process mistakes with live monitoring.

Rapid automation
Build intelligent agents and workflows with read-made components.
Highlight verticals
Where Gridspace goes to work
Smart banking: Retail, mortgage, credit unions
Enhance customer engagement, containment and loyalty. Reduce routine requests, risks and servicing costs.
Smart insurance: personal lines, business and auto
Streamline and personalize every touch. Uncover broken customer journeys and assist frontline agents.
Capital markets: trading, research, back-office
Make informed market decisions. Cover more interactions, more accurately with less latency.
Voice commerce: retailer, payments, platforms
Create delightful, handsfree transactions experiences. Make transacting natural, easy and fun for customers.
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