Gridspace Sift provides a rich set of APIs for measuring and indexing conversational interactions. Easily deploy and scale up cutting-edge speech services in your datacenter or our secure cloud.
APIs that get conversation
Start analyzing live calls or recorded files with simple commands. Gridspace Sift works with your existing communication stack and runs in a variety of deployment configurations. Use the platform to discover insights and trends as well as create conversationally-aware business apps. Robust conversational processing made easy.

Resolve the hard questions
When you turn conversational interactions into useable data, your organization can identify customer opportunities and streamline operations in new ways. Extract key interactions metrics and find patterns that you can only find with machine scale. Build powerful analysis workflows, trigger off of events and feed downstream business intelligence systems.

Control the deployment
Your conversations are important. Gridspace give you and your development team the flexibility to analyze conversation and serve conversationally-aware applications how you like. Deploy with containers in your datacenter. Or try Gridspace Sift Cloud API and hosted scripts to simplify your deployments further.

Get in deep conversation
Gridspace Sift analyzes the semantic and signal layers of conversations with sub-second accuracy. Semantic layer processing figures out what is said. Signal layer processing figures out how it is said. Together they reveal what an interaction is all about.


Use Cases

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