Manage conversational interactions in real-time
Product capabilities
Powerful, out-of-the box features
Real-time or Batch
Spoken and text conversation can be processed in real-time or batch. Results can be outputted in real-time or batch. Multiple streaming protocols and file formats supported.

Robust Conversation Processing
Analyze noisy telephonic audio, machine transcripts or natural language chats without additional pre-processing. Pre-trained models for the most popular communication protocols

Live Redaction and Filtering
Filter sensitive data fields in real-time. Archive redacted audio and transcripts. Create filters on the fly as business or regulatory requirements change.

Dashboard and API
Manage Gridspace Sift through an full-featured admin dashboard or comprehensive enterprise API.

Classification and Grading
Reproduce many labels and metrics that would ordinarily require human review.

In-domain Transcription and Analysis
Off-the-shelf models deliver peak recognition and task accuracy for many use cases. Also rapidly build and deploy new models using the platform and Gridspace expertise.

Scale Elastically
Scale Gridspace Sift instances to meet variable workloads, so you maximize the efficiency of your compute resources .

Bank-grade Security and Privacy
Process sensitive workloads in our secure cloud or your data center. Gridspace was designed with leading financial institutions for leading financial institutions.

Fit for your challenge
Transforming communications naturally
Managing every conversation in an organization is easier said than done. Gridspace Sift provides organizations the power to gather, analyze and interpret all the real-time conversational speech and text interactions that matter. Built for the most demanding businesses, Gridspace Sift delivers the information managers, analysts and agents need to handle all the high-stakes conversations in their business units.

Modernize a legacy platform
Deploy advanced interaction analytics
Automate routine conversations
The Approach
Machines that keep up with conversation
Human conversation is natural, fast and expressive. It is also the preferred way to handle multi-turn and high-stakes business transactions. As consumer computing interfaces evolve to handle more conversational inputs, businesses too must keep up with elevated expectations, quickly parsing customer requests, aligning resources and delivering superior service experiences.

Every operation runs in real-time
Designed for long-form conversation
Bank-grade security and controls

The Benefits
Conversational intelligence on demand
When your organization's conversational streams become useable data, teams and machines can identify customer opportunities and streamline operations. Managers can extract key interactions metrics, preferences and intents. Data scientists can find new patterns. Executives can measure and adapt operations to real-time business trends. Machines in conversation scale organizational intelligence, transparency and execution speed.

Improved customer experiences
Reduced operational complexity and costs
Simplified path to AI-first solutions
Ways to Use Gridspace Sift
Built for Teams and Machines
Analyst Dashboard
Full featured dashboard, no coding required to scan and analyze live conversation inputs.

Conversation Apps
Pre-made applications for common use-cases

Developer API
Integrated API for capture, telephony, ASR and NLU. Extend use case or develop custom use cases with ease.

Custom Models
Train, tag or re-use models for in-domain tasks.

Flexibility and security
Deploy in your datacenter or ours
Managed by your organization
Run Gridspace entirely in your datacenter. Our self-assembling clusters get you up and going fast. Scale compute and storage resources as you go. Manage security settings and control of your administrative tasks. Gridspace uses no third-party services and works with your existing hardware.

Managed by Gridspace
Gridspace's bank-grade managed service, gives you a world-class conversational intelligence toolset for your digital transformation. Gridspace handles it all: upgrading, patching, networking, and security, enabling your organization to focus on the most strategic operations.
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