How do you establish operational benchmarks and align teams across your organization? Gridspace Sift simplifies the process of benchmarking with automated analytics.

Gridspace Sift for Performance Benchmarking
Each day customers reach out to your organization with service inquiries, new order requests, technical support questions, criticisms and compliments. Benchmarking these interactions provides managers a clear way to measure team performance. But in practice, benchmarking conversational interactions is hard. The best indicators of interaction performance consider the full conversation, which has traditionally required human review. Benchmarking interactions with Gridspace Sift brings together the benefits of human review with the machine consistency and scale.
Example Applications
  • A top auto insurance company wants to benchmarks its own contact centers in ten different regions as well as an outsource facility in India.

  • A electronics retailer wants to wants to benchmark its phone order handling efficiency for orders of varying complexity.

  • A high-end electronics manufacture wants to identify the reasons for higher than average merchandise returns.

  • Technology Benefits
    Gridspace Sift allows organizations to establish new organization-wide benchmarks or enhance the quality of existing benchmarks in order to optimize contact center operations. With Gridspace Sift, you can automatically output benchmark metrics to front-line workers, management team or executives that reflect real state of the business. Finally, organizations can use Gridspace Sift benchmarks to plan channel strategies or business operations changes without re-benchmarking separate regions.

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