How do you assign categories to a conversation? Gridspace Sift provides prebuilt and custom classifiers, so you can accurately and automatically tag what a conversation is all about.

Gridspace Sift for Automated Categorization
Gridspace Sift categorization allows organizations to automatically identify, quantify and track conversational interactions that contain certain attributes. This allows your organization to pre-process interaction data that is most relevant to your operations. With Gridspace Sift, you can tag interactions concerning, product mentions, agent outcomes, operational or technical issues, competitor references, sales objections and more.
Example Applications
  • A leading insurance company wants to identify key life event mentions during a customer service call.

  • A European bank wants to identify procedural mistakes in a new credit card division that experiencing long handle times.

  • A high-end electronics manufacture wants to identify the reasons for higher than average merchandise returns.

  • Technology Benefits
    Rather than assuming the text of a natural language interaction is accurately transcribed or expressed, Gridspace Sift classification methods learn from consistent error sources and adapt for substantially boosted accuracy, in many cases outperforming expert-level human classification. Furthermore, Gridspace Sift categorization is extensible and flexible. This lets your organizations change, train and apply new classifiers as operational business needs emerge.

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