How can you improve your quality assurance program while minimizing overall QA costs? Gridspace Sift's conversation grading increases the accuracy and coverage of your quality checks.

Gridspace Sift for QA
Quality assurance is a difficult challenge faced by many sales and service managers. Typical programs rely on a combination of random manual reviews and handle time metrics, making timely and personalized feedback to front-line workers and analysts all but impossible. Gridspace Sift's grading enables managers to scale up complex interaction reviews and target specific QA metrics with machine learning.

Example Applications
  • A leading auto insurance company wants to the measure customer service quality provided by new representatives during their first six months on the job

  • The inside sales team of a prominent technology company wants to monitor the competency of sales agents selling a new complex product

  • A major U.S. bank wants to measure the service efficiency of loan officers handling existing customer mortgage inquiries

  • Technology Benefits
    Gridspace Sift's conversation grading provides your contact centers with unprecedented visibility into their conversational interactions. The capability outputs reviews that meet or beat most human reviewer assessments in accuracy. Furthermore, conversation grading allows your organization to provide personalized feedback to individual representatives and managers while standardizing and simplifying the collection of business line customer service metrics.

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