When business or regulatory rules change, can your organization quickly adapt? Gridspace Sift makes conversation awareness simple, so your organization's interactions stay compliant.

Gridspace Sift for Compliance
An evolving business landscape makes monitoring conversational interactions and maintaining compliance challenging. Monitoring spoken interactions is particularly challenging because legacy speech infrastructure was never designed with task flexibility or real-time monitoring in mind. Gridspace Sift's real-time monitoring lets organizations script compliance rules or pull rules from existing rules engines. This way rules can changing without changing and deploying new systems.

Example Applications
  • A leading financial institution wants to the monitor derivative trader calls for compliance risk and detect anomalies in real-time

  • A large online mortgage lender wants to verify and document customer consents following a disclaimer that varies by geographic region

  • A sales team manager wants to ensure script compliance on calls about an extended product warranty option

  • Technology Benefits
    Gridspace Sift enables organizations to monitor a diverse set of conversational interactions. With Gridspace Sift, your organization can monitor regulated financial transactions, product disclaimers, dispute resolutions and sales. Compliance monitoring works in batch or real-time and covers any percentage of your organization's interactions. Gridspace Sift monitors can output binary or confidence-based results. Compliance monitoring is also compatible with models from Gridspace Sift's classification and grading.

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