What if you could predict feedback from a customer who doesn't fill out a survey? Gridspace Sift lets you infer feedback by analyzing recent conversations and surveys from other customers.

Gridspace Sift for Customer Feedback
The customer feedback your organization needs isn't always the customer feedback your organization gets. Even with personalized incentives and channel selections, customer survey requests often get ignored. So what is an organization in search of explicit, personalized customer feedback to do? Gridspace Sift helps by making customer feedback collection natural and comprehensive. It allows your organization to collect feedback in natural language and uncover more customer feedback from the interaction data it already has.
Example Applications
  • A top retail bank wants to determine how technical support issues with the bank's mobile app impact customer satisfaction.

  • A leading insurance company wants to track how customer loyalty changes following a rate decrease on a popular bundled home product.

  • A co-brand credit card sales team wants to assess the relative appeal of the card product's rate, brand and sign up incentive.

  • Technology Benefits
    Gridspace Sift enables organizations to gather more explicit and implicit customer feedback. Use Gridspace Sift for batch VOC (Voice of the Customer) data retrieval. Identify key product issues and prioritize service improvements. Or use Gridspace Sift to predict survey results and feed a real-time personalization service. Outputs from Gridspace Sift surveys let your organization address customer service issues that directly impact your organization's customer relationships.

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