Gridspace is the best software for uncovering the meaning of spoken conversations. Turn real-time speech into useful data and service metrics. Confidently instrument your contact center and work communications today.

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Within the conversations between your customers and employees are the meaningful details that drive your business. Conversation is everywhere, but it's not easy to analyze. Gridspace is the leading platform for Conversational Intelligence. It enables companies to analyze and operationalize the conversational speech and text inputs others can't. It provides everything you need to make your company more aware, customer-friendly, profitable, and secure. Get communications that talk back.

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Communication Developers Build conversationally-aware workflows and analytics apps and deploy them in the cloud or on-prem.

CX Professionals and Analyst Users Investigate conversation data assets and voice channel workflows with pre-built analyses and search.

Business Process Outsourcers Bring cutting-edge AI and machine learning to your contact center and provide your customers with new insights.

Compliance and Security Officers Monitor high-stakes spoken interactions in real-time for compliance issues and security risks. Enforce rules and inventory risks.

Independent Service Vendors Add powerful telephony and speech processing to your existing application with Gridspace Sift platform.

Gridspace gives companies security and control over their communications, while enabling teams to rapidly create conversationally-aware apps.

Gridspace enables real-time compliance, contact center automation, conference call mining and other powerful use cases in minutes.


2/12 Avaya Engage Conference in Las Vegas

4/17 DockerCon 2017 in Austin

5/8 Nvidia GTC in Silicon Valley

Fast Forward Labs: "Making human-to-human conversation analyzable by machines"

Gridspace in the news: Barron's "Here Comes Application Specific AI"

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Machines in Conversation was a talk at Bloomberg office in NYC about Gridspace. Watch it on Youtube (21:01)

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Gridspace elevates conversational interactions with speech-awareness

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