Find new meaning and business advantages in your real-time communications

Listen and learn from conversation
Conversation data is messy. Our bank-grade AI software can help.

Input streaming speech and text from anywhere
Gridspace interfaces with all your communications from phones, mobiles, network components and IoT.

Decode live with high accuracy at scale
Gridspace turns these conversation feeds into text, entities, labels, metrics, scores, suggestions and more.

Bring clear context to teams and machines
Conversational AI from Gridspace allows you to understand and act on more high-stakes interactions.
Conversational Intelligence
Discover how companies use Gridspace
Customer experience
Your best customers expect to be understood. Gridspace helps decipher requests and tune service experience.
Workforce operations
How do you ensure operational excellence? Gridspace makes calls and chats measurable and transparent.
Real-time markets
What are they saying? Gridspace keeps you informed, so you can make informed market decisions.
Put Voice to Work
Explore Gridspace products
Gridspace makes enterprise-grade software for understanding and reacting to conversational speech. Whether you’re managing teams that talk with customers, systems that run operations, or markets that move in real-time, Gridspace's unrivaled functionality and performance helps you hear opportunities and risks others can't.

Upcoming events
Google Developer Group DevFest Los Angeles
November 4, 2017 in Los Angeles

Developer talk on running Gridspace and GCP. Extended viewing event, where you can watch live sessions from Google I/O with other developers SoCal.
NIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems
December 4th, 2017 in Long Beach, CA

Machine learning and computational neuroscience conference that includes invited talks, demonstrations, symposia and oral and poster presentations.
WFTS: Wells Fargo Technology Summit
December 5, 2017 in Deer Valley, UT

Gather of leaders of global and emerging technology firms, as well as several of the largest public and private technology companies.
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Gridspace is a diverse team of creative builders with a passion for speech AI, backed by some of the world's most respected financial institutions and deep-tech investors. We are based in California and serve companies throughout the world.

Powerful, Scalable Conversational AI
Some of the world's most innovative leaders in financial services and media have teamed with Gridspace to make conversation computable in contact center, UC and beyond.
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