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Make natural sounding calls


Greet callers with the most friendly and competent virtual agents in the world. Gridspace makes it’s own telephony and voice technology in house.

Take on call surges with confidence


Remove hold times and reach more patients and customers day or night. Gridspace supports contact centers with more than 50k concurrent calls.

Understand every call in real time


Increase agility and mean time to resolution by scanning live calls for issues and opportunities. Gridspace makes insights easily accessible to operators and data scientists.

Win over your customers and agents


Align your customer experience strategy with contact center execution. Gridspace makes your agents so good that your customers will notice.

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Gridspace is a diverse team of creative builders with a passion for speech technology.
We are backed by some of the world's most respected financial institutions and deep-tech investors. We are based in California and serve companies throughout the world.