Voice observability &
virtual agents.

They work better and faster together for your contact center, company and customers.


  • Listen & react to customers in real time
  • Free up agent capacity with automation
  • Drive up performance with real data

We’re proud to work with the most forward-thinking companies in voice


Scan calls for real-time answers to your hardest questions


Gridspace's contact center monitoring capabilities allow you to capture valuable data from your live voice calls and chats. Our software provides detailed agent metrics, customer demand signals and call analytics that lead to clear next steps. .

Protect your customers and agents with bank-grade security


Gridspace's compliance suite secures your voice and chat communications from hello to goodbye. Our software verifies speakers with voice biometrics and redacts streaming audio and sensitive conversation data with entity recognition models.

Scale your speech infrastructure without scaling your team


Gridspace's software already processes billions of call minutes each year and can handle over 50,000 concurrent conversations per deployment. The software is 100% cloud and telephony system agnostic.

Get fast results with turnkey integrations and pre-built models


Gridspace's automation tools manage high call center workloads by auto-detecting issues and handling demand surges with friendly, pre-trained virtual agents aka voice bots.

Gridspace integrates with your voice tech

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How Software Will Change Contact Centers


The pandemic increased the complexity and volume of customer inquiries across nearly every business vertical — and shifted all of these inquiries into the digital realm. Today, we don’t need software to disrupt customer experiences. Software is our best hope to stabilize them.


The Future of English, From Language to Algorithms


Robin begins his journey in the speech artificial intelligence labs of Silicon Valley and in conversation with tech entrepreneurs in Shanghai as he asks how computer scientists are engineering new ways of using and learning English.


Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs

Harvard Business Review

Most knowledge workers spend less than half of their time doing things they’re really good at (i.e., what they’ve been hired to do). The rest is spent doing research, arranging meetings, coordinating with other people, and performing other minutia of office life.


Or come see us in action

MTEK 2021

October 13, 2021 / Virtual

The latest technology hitting the industry and how it can help improve how we handle customer service inquiries and beyond.


The Future of Contact Center

October 19, 2021 / Virtual Conf

Hear customer stories and updates on Gridspace's product roadmap from the product designers and the platform engineer team.


Twilio Signal Developer Conference

October 20, 2021 / Hybrid event

Learn from developers, product leaders, and visionaries and the future of customer engagement and communications in the cloud.


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This week’s episode of Cloud N Clear is out now! Evan Macmillan, CEO of Gridspace talks about how he and his team built an infrastructure that became a game changer for many local merchants. #googlecloud #cloud #tech #podcast #cloudnclear #insightshttps://twitter.com/safoian/status/1179064182785732608

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@gridspaceinc is a collaboration @SRI_Intl, Speech Labs and some fellow @Stanford engineers pioneering real-time #voicefirst infrastructure for the #contactcenter & #developers! @DaveMichelshttps://twitter.com/EvanKirstel/status/1404491910530617346

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Congratulations @gridspaceinc for being named one of the Top 5 #ContactCenter Analytics Vendors! http://ow.ly/AheW30rS86V https://twitter.com/CRM/status/1431269034373394433

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